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Item Code: 126-010-001
Reviews: Would like to know if these are Canon original cartridges for my printer or Re-manufactured cartridges. If remanufactured they tend to clog up print heads. Please respond. Ed
Ed  On  3/25/2018 12:36:08 PM

Item Code: 139-025-003
Reviews: order # abc-ink 460291 I emailed you previously and no response. I have not received my order. Why?
peter j waidzunas  On  3/16/2018 11:28:47 AM

Item Code: 139-025-003
Reviews: I ordered the 3-Pack Generic Brother TN 350 Toner Cartridge, order no. A-459511 on 11/16/17, credit card was charged. Today is 12/19/17, have not received it. Email to customer care sent 12/11/17 was ignored. will reverse charge on cc if no response.
christine chou  On  12/19/2017 7:25:25 AM

Item Code: 137-157-001
Reviews: No instructions on how to take off cover of ink cartridge (bottom hole) and what about the spring in top "hole"? Could find no phone number on your website to call! Would have called to get answer. Have Brother printer MFC-J4700W. Need to install black cartridge from your company. Order ID A428756 My phone: 1-603-601-6466. Help!!
Patricia Klotz  On  8/27/2014 1:39:54 PM

Item Code: 139-092-001
Reviews: I ordered laser cartridges TN-210 pack 3 of each color. I have had two to the magenta's go bad, spitting magenta powder all over my printing and printer. So far non of the others have had any problems. ABCink did replace one and that one did the same thing. I have since replaced it with a Brother laser cartridge and no problems. Some times a deal isn't really a deal, but if none of the other cartridges have problems then it was still a deal.
Noel  On  1/21/2014 6:29:39 PM

Item Code: 129-115-001
Reviews: I ordered the twin pack inkjet cartridges combo ...HP 2l black and HP 22 color on May 15 this year. I only do occasional printing and they already are practically out ...very dim. Had ordered from you before ..the same item and they lasted 2 years ....these were not good ones. Can you do anything for me? Bob Campbell ,,7615 Sedgebrook Drive East, Stanley, NC 28164
Bobby Campbell  On  9/9/2013 2:30:30 PM

Item Code: 139-084-001
Reviews: I ordered this May 13. The bx just arrived (5/22) with toner cartridges I also ordered but NO TONER DRUM UNIT. My drum is about to end, I need this drum unit asap. Please send it to me express mail at your expense. Please reply to this email.
Beverly Van Ness  On  5/22/2013 10:07:44 AM

Item Code: 125-333-001
Reviews: I have always been satisfied with your products!! What is the difference between the G&G compatible cartridges and the regular PGI cartridge set.(125-333-001 vs. 125-439-001) Obviously one is slightly more expensive. Help me make the choice for my cannon MX882 Thanks Paul
Paul  On  9/12/2012 11:12:41 AM

Item Code: 137-125-001
Reviews: bad products, bad website.all the things on it are fake and low-level quality. dont buy anything from this site, or you will be regret.
marinnae  On  7/5/2012 6:47:02 PM

Item Code: 129-190-001
Reviews: I am not interested in Item Code 129-190-001- I just entered it so this email could be sent to you. My last order # was abc-ink-341310 if you wish to locate my record. I have a HP PSC160 All in Onr Printer Scanner Copier. I can NOT find a color ink refill kit on your website to refill my empty cartridge. Your website pointed me to look for inkjet refill kit ISO 9001, but I couldn't find it. I also might be interested in purchasing a refurbished color cartridge. I have used the HP Tri-color 97 cartridge and the HP Tri-color 95 cartridges in the past. Could you please help me place an order. If you wish to reach me by phone, my cell is 914-523-3076. Thank you.
Robert Barton  On  4/19/2012 7:52:46 PM

Item Code: 129-190-001
Reviews: Never mind, I found the RMA form. Can you please delete these emails from your web page? Thanks.
Marianne Gennis  On  1/5/2012 6:43:06 PM

Item Code: 129-190-001
Reviews: I ordered several ink cartridges from you on December 13, order #A386965. However, the yellow cartridge listed above does not work. How can I exchange it for a working cartridge?
Marianne Gennis  On  1/5/2012 6:37:49 PM

Item Code: 125-333-001
Reviews: cannot use the 25% off code
Stephen Tang  On  8/31/2011 5:48:20 PM

Item Code: 125-319-001
Reviews: I purchased one ink cartridge that did not have a new chip. I transferred the chip from an OEM cartridge and my Canon MG6120 did not recognize the ink. The box was labeled G&G and had "NP-C-0220 BK" printed on the bok. There was a white sticker with the number "NC-00225 Bk" printed on it. Will that specific cartridge work in Canon PIXMA MjG6120 printer with transfer of OEM chip? Since I cannot get the chip to work, then I am force into buying cartridges with chips. Thus, will you will you offer multiple packs (e g: 3.5.10, 30 etc) for CA-225BK? I can ship the cartridge that didn't work to you with my OEM chip and perhaps you can tell me if I am doing something wrong or it just will not work. Your help and suggestions are appreciated. Tom
Thomas  On  7/26/2011 12:59:52 PM

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